March 31, 2023

Steven was a senior in high school this past year and we shot his senior photos in the fall. The fall is my busiest time of the year, and with limited availability, we ended up booking Steven’s session for just after sunrise at 7:00 am. I do the majority of my sessions at sunset, but let me tell you, sunrise sessions are just as beautiful!

Steven chose Franklin Park for his senior photos because it was a special place for him and his family. They used to live downtown near the park and had fond memories there. It was pretty dark when we first arrived at the park, but after walking with Steven and his parents to the location for photos, the sun started to rise, and the lighting was perfect!

Senior sessions are always a blast, but incorporating your interests and passions into your shoot makes them even more fun. Steven filled out my questionnaire beforehand and let me know that his hobby was basketball. I thought it would be cool to incorporate that into just a few photos, so I brought a basketball along to his session. His first outfit was more casual and had streetware vibes. It went so well with the basketball shots! Now when he shares his gallery with family and friends, and even future generations, his passion for the game will be highlighted.

Steven’s parents contacted me because of a referral from a friend. I really appreciate when clients refer me to their friends and family, and to show my appreciation, I have a referal program! I offer a $30 credit towards any future session for every referral. I love getting to know my senior session clients. They all have a unique story, interest, and vision for their future to share with me that that truly inspires me. I look forward to hearing about all the amazing things they accomplish after graduation!